questions about va ratings for migraines


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i have migraines that occur at a rate of about 2-3 bouts a week lasting about 30-45 minutes a piece. i have to stop doing whatever i am doing and lay down in a dark room. they are so bad that i get extremely nauseated and it gets very difficult to see. i take maxalt if i can catch the migraine as soon as it begins. i have been keeping a log of when i get the migraines for about six months and all of this is documented in my record. so my question is what rating am i looking at from the va and even though i'm being med boarded for another issue could the va add it to my unfit list? thank you


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Absolutely this should be covered in your MEB/PEB. If they fail to do so, send me a PM. All conditions are required to be covered by the MEB per DoDI 1332.38. What Service are you in?



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thank you for the reply...i am in the navy. i am an E6 and have 13.5 years in.
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