Ratings are in!!! Car Accident MEB


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I am blessed, thankful, and forever greatful that this process moved at a reasonable speed.

It has gotten very uncomfortable st work. I think that once people find out you're on a profile...instant judgement from people and it's all very wrong & unfair--period.

I was judged for doctor appointments, given shit for having surgery and 6 weeks of CON leave, and...the constant jabs from coworkers. It got pretty hostile st the end. I went to the IG after I had finally had ENOUGH...it got so bad my supervisor was "in on the fun."

I want others to know that if you're going through this, you're not alone. You can't stop or change others' opinions, but you CAN control your reaction, which will help you not be so affected by others' perceptions of YOU. Don't let them have that control. I learned a lot about myself going through this MEB process...mostly how to stand up for myself, defend my conditions (all as a result of a car wreck), and how to stand tall and not put up with ANY of that. It's unacceptable!!!

Soooooo...I had to get that off my chest. Phew, talk about intense. I'm doing much better now, back in January...different story.

End result? 50% DoD & 90% VA.

I'm thankful for this next step, I'm sad that this chapter of my life is over. I know every time I hear TAPS I'll always go back in time (12 years ago), I was a kid back then. I'll remember the good times and not the bad. The great friends & mentors that I met, the triumphs and upsets, and all those life experiences that led me to today.

Onto the next...thank you Air Force, it's been a sweet ride.


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Congratulations on your ratings. I'm sorry to hear how your peers an supervisor behaved. Best wishes in the next chapter.
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