Really looking for some answers from those with experience (or any knowledge) of the AFDRB!!


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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum but I'm looking for some thoughts from others. I don't know anyone who's gone through this process.
My lawyers submitted my forms to the AFDRB August 1, 2018. Five months later I still haven't even received a docket number. I've emailed twice to verify that they even received my documents, but have gotten no reply.
I'm really stressing out about all this. I'm sure that many will say I have a long journey, which I know, I just can't help but wonder if my case was never received and if I am waiting around for no reason.

Has anyone here had experience with this? Literally any and all thoughts could be helpful to my state of mind. Thanks!



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I haven't had to deal with the AFDRB, but instead the AFBCMR. However they are similar. First of all check with your attorney's to see if they sent your forms via certified or express mail and if they got confirmation that way that they were received. I have always sent any paperwork necessary via USPS Express Mail so that I received a tracking number and could verify receipt. Also ask them (your attorney) to follow up.

Also on the AFDRB site [ Discharge Review Board ] it states:

[email protected]

The Discharge Review Board has experienced technical difficulties during our transition and if an application was submitted and you have not received a response, please resubmit using the new e-mail address.

Use this email address to ask if they have received your original submission. If they cannot verify that it was received then have it resubmitted.

From my experience with the AFBCMR they received my submission in JUN 2017 and we did not receive any notification from them until DEC 2017. We just received in FEB 2019 the advisory opinions and responded with comments on those. We aren't expecting a decision by the board for another 3 to 6 months.
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