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I am having a heck of a time getting my ib-service medical/dental records and more importantly my MEB and PEB. Does anyone have an address, contact or what forms to utilize? I am running in circles. How long is this process? Thank you, warriors.


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Each MTF has a medical records section. Since records are computerized, any MTF should be able to pull records. Often it takes two trip; one to request and another to pick up records. MEB related records should be copied to your military medical records.


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Thank you so much I appreciate your help.

MTF- Medical Treatment Facility
-I was discharged from
Naval Air Station
Joint Reserve Base
Fort Worth
Marine Air Group 41
MALS-41 Power Plants

Verifying Question:
Should I be able to go to the Naval medical facility on base there and request my:
In-Service medical records
In-Service Dental Records
(I have everything else I need)

2nd question:
If they happen not to have it then what should be my next steps?

Thank you for all your help and info.
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