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Referred for Fitness for Duty Board


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I recently submitted a Fitness for Duty packet in the National Guard, per the request of MEDCOM since I've been on a profile going on a year. I'd been diagnosed with DDD (Degenerative Disk Disorder) in my mid-back, degeneration in my neck, as well as lower back L5-S1, and Sacroiliac Joint Disorder. I injured my knee last year and had one surgery, may be facing another. I have chronic pain, some days better than others. The VA doc has updated my forms and said no APFT other than 2 1/2 mile walk, permanent, and marked no on most of the Soldier tasks on the PR form. They are also looking at doing cortisone injections in my neck and SI joint; may have to have another knee surgery as well. Oh yeah, and just found out my thyroid is failing, like I need anything else.

How long does it take to initiate a fit for duty board once the packet has been submitted? And how long should this process take? I'm really frustrated right now, just would like to know how long it will take to find out if they are going to retain me or not.