Remember the Golden Rule

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Selected text written by Jason Perry a few years ago.

A revival of his post is warranted due to a few isolated incidents.
The bottom line: No one is superior to another on this board (Jason is the owner of course). This is applicable to all categories of members, moderators and visitors/regular members alike. Having a unique expertise does not give one the right to belittle others.
If you receive information which you think is wrong, say so without insulting the person (a volunteer) who went to the trouble of providing an answer.

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cc: @Jason Perry @chaplaincharlie @Provis @Guardguy11 @RetiredColonel-MikeT @oddpedestrian
Haven't followed this thread and this is my first look at it. So, my comments or views may not encompass all that has gone on and I may be missing context that said, here are a few thoughts:

Let's take a minute and BREATHE. We are here to help folks and if someone is out of line or doubting another's issues or circumstances, that is not the point. On the other hand, if there is a mistake or misunderstanding, also, credit the point that someone answered your posts. I don't countenance disrespect on anyone's part. I also do not have a problem with folks responding to what they perceive as belittling them (within reason). This place is not for fighting or getting into jabs at each other. If someone is trying to help, but is not, I think the best response is to ignore the comments and or agree that no further response is welcome. I really have little to no interest in acting as a referee here. Maybe folks have rubbed each other the wrong way. point is that this is not a place to get into conflict and while I will let reasonable discussions go on (including disagreements), I will quash unproductive or unhelpful conflicts. My rules and I think that is for the best.

Know that while it seems you have had a bit of angst and distaste for @scoutCC's response, he has helped countless folks here and in my estimation only wants to see you and others get a good outcome. Let's again BREATHE and understand the point of this site- to help others, to share information and to be a community. Not everyone is going to get a long and not everyone is going to agree. Just don't see much to be gained by squabbles and we all want the same- proper and correct award of what is due folks based on their service. We are on the same side here.

Best of luck to you. [Jason]

Thanks Ron
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