Requesting correction of record to reflect combat-related injuries instead of non-combat?


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No. The criteria for the Purple Heart entitles veterans who are killed or injured during a military operation outside US territory as part of a peacekeeping force. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be an armed conflict with an enemy combatant to get a Purple Heart. But it is a requirement if you want to use “armed conflict” as the criteria when requesting CRSC. I think the “hazardous duty” criteria would be the best route for your CRSC claim

Thank you! I will revisit the issue once I am done with my treatment at the PTSD clinic. At the moment, I don't feel comfortable with putting a package together.

It is funny how the brain works. Last week I saw that Netflix started to show the movie Outpost about the Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan. I started watching it, but I had to turn it off after only a few minutes. Nothing had even happened yet in the movie, but I could tell that I was getting uncomfortable and my breathing had changed noticeable. An hour later, I started to watch the movie Enemy at the Gates about the Battle of Stalingrad and I was perfectly fine throughout the movie. I think the difference was that Outpost felt like real life with real people while Enemy at the Gates was a movie with a bunch of actors.
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