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Restoration of DoD military retirement pay after change in VA compensation


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I was a chapter 61 military retiree in 2014 with 14 years of active duty (100% P&T) and I receive the entire VA waiver. I am wondering if DoD restores military retirement pay once my VA compensation changes after my children turn 18 for example

My current retired pay/VA compensation looks like this (married, 2 children)

3437.10--VA waiver
1774.90--taxable retirement pay

Once I change to the self and spouse rate for the VA waiver and the amount is reduced accordingly, does the DoD retirement pay portion automatically increase to make up for the reduction in the VA waiver?


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Less VA offset = more residual retired pay in your case.

This is simply a change in the amount of waived retired pay, not to be confused with CRDP which is a restoration of retired pay.