Results back from IPEB -- DES


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Well folks, my results have come back...only a mere 4 weeks of my initial notification of being found unfit.

I received a rating of 70% (TDRL) for my PTSD and Depression from the Army

VA gave me 10% for a few things and 50% for Asthma/Sleep Apnea with CPAP, which along with the PTSD gave me a total VA rating of 90%.

VA said the Psych problems were combat related and combat exacerbated, which I understood to mean I would be eligible for concurrent receipt...

My question is: How much will I end up getting as a married E7 over 16 for pay with 4 kids under 18? a rough estimate or a calculator would help.....I used the one on DFAS's website and it said I would get 500 less than I do now(which includes BAH and BAS)

Is that accurate?

Thanks brothers and sisters!


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Do you get both retirement pay and VA while on TDRL? I see some people state yes and others no.


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Depends. You must file and be approved for CRSC (and not be a victim of the CRSC glitch).

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