Retired from Reserve and VA compensation


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Hoping someone can tell me if this is anything to worry about or if I understand right.

I filed my first VA claim in early April 2016 about 3 weeks before I retired on 30 April.

I am retired awaiting pay at age 60 status. Gray area.

in August, I was awarded a rating of 20 percent, which I thought was retroactive to the beginning of April 2016.

Today in the mail, I got a letter from VA saying they wanted to recover 24 days of training pay for FY 2016.

Can this be right?

I only did 1 drill weekend during the time between when I filed my claim and when I retired. I can understand them reclaiming VA pay for the month of April 2016, but htat should be it, right?

Also, I am supposed to fill out form 21-8951. Should I just fill out this form myself explaining this or do I need to get some representation.


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I agree something is incorrect. VA compensation, when approved, takes effect the day of filing. I'd complete the form myself and press on. You have the facts and documents to support your position.


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For some reason the VA backed my effective date 1 year even though I filed my claim in May 15 they made my effective date May 14. Look at your LES's 15 thru 30 Apr 16 add up any days you recieved pay for it should add up to 24 days.


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I am going through this with the VA right now. I had my Commander sign the form stating the dates they were trying to collect were incorrect and we attached a copy of my LES. The VA got all that in the system but never actually linked the form to my original case. So I had to file a waiver requesting that DFAS process the correction to my debt amount. They suspended the debt while they worked my case. They adjusted the debt amount and now I am still waiting on them to actually deduct the debt amount.... Maybe some day! But keep in mind that you might need to file a waiver to have them put the debt on hold while they get their shit together.
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