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You are also eligible for retrograde Tricare...which can be important if you or you family has paid out expenses. For example, I had insurance, however my co-pays were in the tens of thousands. After about 10 months of searching, I figured out whom to contact to get the claims in, however YOU ONLY HAVE 1 YEAR TO MAKE A CLAIM.
Did anyone (or does anyone) have any issues with this, like I did?

You must contact the DHA for a Timely Filing Waiver within a year. I sent all my claims to TriCare, only to have them "get lost" then, after 10 months, was giving an address in Falls Church Virginia where I was to send my claims. Took me 3 months after sending them there to get any movement (which was 2 days before my year was up)...even then I went to go see Senator Brown's office, as I was told that I wouldn't be given a copy of the TFW.

I received ZERO information about how to do this when I was retro-retired last year. With over $10K of medical co-pays? I am motivated to find out WHY and HOW the exact way to submit wasn't sent to me.

If you are in the same boat? I suggest you contact your Senator/Representative with your claims. If you dont' want to do that, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] and I will try to assist from there.

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