RILO question, please help


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Back Story: MEB'd for a condition, but fought to stay in. Got a RTD last year, but my info was not updated until 6 months later. Now instead of my RILO being this year, its not until some time next year. With that being said, I would like to have my RILO this year as unfortunately my condition didn't improve like I thought it would. As it stands, I am not due to get my RILO until next year as stated. Is there a way to have them do my RILO now at the one year mark as opposed to waiting until next year? (which will be a year and a half since RTD)

Does anyone know how to go about this?


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I guess what is it you expect to happen by having the RILO early? If your condition has drastically changed (particularly for the worse) then report it as soon as you can to your PCM. I've had a RILO every year for the last 11 years, with no change in my medical status (though I have tried to have them upgrade me to an ALC-C1 as opposed to my current ALC-C2). Are you hoping that they'll initiate a new MEB on you? If your condition is worse and you're unable to do your job, then talk with your PCM about it.
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