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Went to my local PCM to change my medications around as the Butrans patches I was on were making me puke for days on end and leaving rashes so bad they would scar the skin.
Asked him for a referral to get a consult regarding a Spinal Stimulator trail, and at the time of the appointment we talked about the fact I have been to Physical Therapy many times without good effect and would NOT want to be forced to travel long distances to try it again.

So, a couple weeks go by and no referral for a consult to Pain Management and though he put me on slow release Morphine, the Rx for Lyrica to calm my damaged spinal cord nerves never came. I called his nurse and left a message about the referral and Rx for Lyrica.

BUT. instead of getting any progress, or even a return call, I get a call out of the blue today from the Regional Facility 100 miles away saying I "HAVE" to come in for a Physical Therapy evaluation. 100 miles of travel (200 round trip) is one hell of a burden on my spinal injury, unbearable pain for hours just to comply with their runaround. Either they didn't listen at all, or they're doing this out of spite. I get along with my PCM (or at least I got that impression) but I have no idea if the system or his nurse generated this BS.

So my question is, CAN THEY FORCE ME TO GO 100 Miles to the PT eval? What option do I have to get it done in close to home? and What are the repercussions if I say No?

Thanks to all for any input you have.
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