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I am a Army National Giard currently on Active Duty status. I have 18 good Years this month and heading to DEMOB a next month. I am concerned I maybe Sent to the MEBPEB process due to medical issues I have to address prior to getting off title 10 orders. If I am sent to the MEB process, will I qualify for Sanctuary and they carry me until my 20 year before all is done?


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No sanctuary of you are in a MEB.

You used the term "good years", are you referring to actual "active duty years, where you served 365 days per year" or qualifying reserve years where you earned 48 or more points?

The only way to get your NG retirement is to served 20 years with >48 points per year, and have been given a 20Y letter.

If you want to return to M-day status, do not squawk too much about your conditions at the demob. They would prefer to deal with you while you are not on active duty.

This is not something I would necessarily do myself, as I would prefer to get paid if undergoing a MEB. No matter what, make sure you get a proper LOD before you demob.
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