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I am in the AF and have been going through this MEB process over the past year. Last year in August I had my first "seizure," where I had fallen over and hit the back of my neck on my computer. I woke up sometime after disoriented and in alot of back and neck pain that had continued for months afterward. I didn't rememeber falling and after waking up I began vomiting and stumbling around. The doctors noted that i was complaining about "pain" and had "rug burn" on my back. They dismissed me after an overnight stay and doing just cardiac evaluation and neck imaging. The instance occurred again in November that year after my back was beginning to heal. Similar occurrence, where I blacked out, woke up on the floor and was in alot of pain hunched over and disoriented. After another hospital stay I was actually looked at by a neurologist. I had multiple abnormall EEG findings where R frontal epileptiform activity and the neurologist described me as having "blackouts." I was started on Depakote 500mg and have since had no incidents. I already went through my local board and they referred me to an IPEB and not a return to duty. The IPEB concurred with their findings. Currently I have a code 37 for no TDY/PCS. I am trying to write a rebuttal letter now to stay in. Overall, I feel like I haven't had much guidance as the OAC numbers go straight to voicemail whenever I call(stationed in Hawaii). I am trying to find out what exact benefits I could get (whether to bother fighting or not). Neurology states I had 2 mild seizures. The PEBLOs state my percentage I could get would be lower then 30% but I can't seem to find any paper work that I recieved stating such. Another forum stated that a mild seizure is one where you are still aware but a moderate/severe case is where the patient blacks out. If I had 2 instances of blackout seizures wouldn't that at least qualify me for more than just discharge with severance?
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