Separated for PFA Failures-18 Years of Service


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I completed 18 years, 9 year on active duty before transitioning to SELRES for another 9. I was separated for 3 PFA failures in 4 years. I was in the process of having BUMED review my fitness for duty due to the medications I was prescribed for a mental health diagnosis and pain management. I was also service connected for back, feet, and hips. I failed the final PFA due to being .10" over the abdomen measurement. I reminded the CO of the review and the reasons a package was sent to BUMED. He consulted with a nurse, not a nurse practitioner or doctor regarding the medications and their side effects and he told me he was informed they had no bearing on the matter. My chronic injuries, the medications, and my mental health were not taken into consideration as a whole. In hindsight, I just don't see how after 18 years I received due process. I contacted my congressman and the Navy only replied on why I was ineligible for retirement benefits.

I did 18 and was less than 2 years from my 20. I want my retirement benefits...What else can I do when I do not believe my situation was handled appropriately?


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BCMR appears to be an option. There is another possibility but it depends on when you were separated.
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