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Can I claim service credit all the way through retirement because I was illegally removed from a MEB and have the board put me at 20 yrs. service and retire me PDRL with CRDP and CRSC? Or, will it be mandatory that if I am found unfit "NPQ" by the board I would need to take that from the time they put on my discharge medical from being forced out of my first contract in 2005? The issue is this, if I take the retirement PDRL and CRSC in 2005 time then I will have VA offset plus CRSC brought forward. If I take service credit for 20 yrs. retire with PDRL with CRSC would that make me eligible for dual compensation CRDP or no because I would not have earned enough retirement credits to receive monthly retirement pay? Or, they move me through and PDRL me at 20 yrs. and I am owed credit and pay from 2005 thru 2015? The theory is that if my command would have treated me properly for my medical conditions I could have recovered (potentially) and kept on my career but because of their long winded approach of abuse and towards the end so great that it permanently disabled me. When I say credit I am referring to career credits. I am not an expert by all means to this, or the wordage as I am so green to this, any advice and resources will be much appreciated.

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