Severance Pay Question

Joel G.

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This feels like my situation, and part of the problem it seems to be a culture problem. In the Navy their are many things that are "Sugar Coated" i.e. performance evaluations, memorandums, and the condition of the service member! I had always taken a fairly motivated approach to my job, now wondering why? It was because the medical community had one goal, to keep service members in the Fight. In a way, I should be happy that my command has spoken so highly of me but, this feels like the reason why I won't reap any benefits when I get out soon? I have been found fit for continued service.. On one hand, my shipmates are like "Well since your Fit For Full Duty.. ", and on the other, Navy's Safe Harbor is telling me " Oh this probably means you will probably be getting a severance check and sent packing" , is all a bit much to handle on my own!! Admin. personal write Non-medical Assessments like they are going to reflect themselves as a person, instead of writing it as it will effect the Actual person involved. For my instance, it was accomplished without me entirely. Basically this all means that I feel unsuited for the Navy, and the Navy finds me to be fitting of Service. My condition is Total Right Hip replacement 3yrs ago, severe left hip Osteoarthritis, toe, knee, back pain that gets inflamed easily! I am still active, but my abilities to perform In-Rate are completely retarded. I love being a service member, have been in for 12yrs, always wanting to go 20+ but now I just don't know what I can do in the military or out.[/QUOTE]


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I’ve moved this to its own thread as it was a reply to a post from 2009.
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