Severance pay timeline


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Hope everyone had a great new year.
I finalled out of the Army on 02JAN19 and my last day was the 04JAN19. Most threads of seen and most people I've talked to received their severance anywhere from the day the got out to a few days after. I called DFAS today and was given the book answer of, your pay is in audit and takes 30-45 days to receive your pay.
I separated from JBLM and was wondering if anyone had better answers or how long it took you to get paid.


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IDES told me 5-7 days
Finance told me within 20 days
DFAS says 30-45 days.
And most people get it anywhere between 1-4 days.
Just dont know what to think


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I am in the same boat. I received my discharge order on 12Jan2019 from the DE National Guard, and I am wondering what is the process that servance pay goes through and who processes it. I try to find an update on it and I seem to get nothing but an run around.
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