Sites to recommend and not recommend


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I used to always refer the many questions I get to the
Site. It used to be very simple and informative and easy to research, but now they want you to sign up and pay for a membership. So now I’ll refer people to the VASRD VA site instead:

Likewise, I used to always refer people to the VA’s own site for any DBQ questions and encourage the pep forum member to research there... but as we all know the VA has removed the DBQs from its site, so now I refer them here:

I think collectively, as a site; we should have a sticky or something somewhere of “recommended sites” to refer people to.

each and every time I refer someone I have to go check the site to see if the info I’m giving them is still accurate. I just found out today that military disability made easy is now a for profit site...


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I was very disappointed when MDME hid their information behind a paywall and immediately removed it from my bookmarks list. Veterans Law Blog has some good content but Chris Attig has became increasingly political over the years and I have stopped visiting his site. The sad realty is that VA attorney websites tend to be the best source of information within the last few years Hill & Ponton being a clear standout.
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