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14 years Air Force and will be getting medically retired or separated this year. I am interested in everyone’s input if possible. Currently undergoing an MEB. During my C&P exams it was noted that I had severe sleep apnea and given a machine. With that being said I went to sign my form 618 the other day and the only listed condition was Dosalgia (Back Pain). Before I signed it that asked if I wanted an impartial review and not knowingly at the time declined. As I am signing I just happened to mention the new diagnosis of sleep apnea and my PEBLO officer stopped me on the spot and basically said we don’t need to move forward with the 618 because the if you have sleep apnea and an AHI over 15 then it’s considered a boardable condition and there needs to be an impartial review before it’s sent for ratings. So today they have made edits to my 618 to reflect Dosalgia and Sleep Apnea as the two boardable conditions for DOD purposes.

I have read this forum at length for the past few months and continually see everyone say sleep apnea as a “fitting” condition. I brought this up with my PEBLO officer and he just told me I need to quit reading because that is a huge misconception. And told me since it’s not on my 618 then the DOD will now await the ratings of the sleep apnea (50%) which will put me over the threshold of the 30% to be medically retired. I guess my question for the board is where is your evidence to back up that sleep apnea is not fitting? I’ve searched the end of the internet and there is no regulation that spells that out for us but everyone seems so concrete that you won’t get the condition listed as unfitting.

Both my peblo officer and my VA rep in Atlanta guaranteed since it’s on the 618 it’s deemed unfitting. But I value some input from this board because there are a lot of knowledge on here. Again, I’ve just never seen a concrete AFI or DOD guidance affirming it’s not unfitting. Just word of mouth.

Lastly, I would greatly appreciate some input on my C&P results for my back. The ROM seems to always have issues and mine was no different. She basically lied on my DBQs and I’m certain of an appeal. However, if I can get to that magical number of 30% from just my back I will gladly accept that. I am going to attach my ROM measurements as well as the guidance and I would appreciate any interpretation. Between my Cervical and Thoracolumbar I read it as 20% for each with is the 40% I would need. Ive also read the chart but it just confused me. I read it as even though I have the FORWARD FLEXION for a 20% rating, my combined ROMs exceeded the number necessary for the 20% on both. Thanks guys!


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