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There is only one way to change the law, and that is the federal legislative process.

We can discuss the potential injustice on an internet forum, or we can contribute to the legislative process.

GSFowler- thank you very kind response and crystal clear clarification, as can tell I was not only one questioning this..... as is that not what Forum's like this are for.....?????

Concur, Federal Legislative Process is only right way to change law, and keeping that in mind, would not a lot of issues- recurrent- in host of veterans post's here and as well other Forum's be considered to a large extent "bottom-up" feedback..... for say SuperModerators like MAWParker(sp), whom believe has in fact addressed congress or sub-committees a time or two if not mistaken- please correct me if wrong on that score????

You make excellent points about the system

Do not think I am only one this post and or others, whom has made excellent points- on numerous topics, just consolidated to some degree (successful or unsuccessful) the thoughts of other members this Thread........and many other members make excellent points all the time....or bring to light issues, by asking questions and stating problems with system they are experiencing and how asking how to resolve them....etc.....

Is it not kind of like the "Gettysburg Address" by Abraham Lincoln states (see for example only, web-address- "The Gettysberg Address-Transcript of Cornell University’s Copy" ) and I quote from previous listed web-address in "italics": "that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

I would argue, potentially, that "the people" are to some degree by and large the members of this Forum, as well as others,( I simply think this one is the best), etc.... and as such would not necessarily consider what is discussed as "injustice" per say, but more akin to issues- some perhaps requiring resolution of some sort from much higher legislative authority as you say, brought forth by "the people," many of whom to some large degree gave their "last full measure of devotion" in places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, Somalia, the Balkans, World War I, World War II, etc.....

Do not know, but simply could be entirely wrong, and way out in left filed.......would not be first time nor last......

Thanks GSFowler and fully support your comments here.....on legislative process.... as no system created by man is ever going to be perfect.....
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Thanks GSFowler and fully support your comments here.....on legislative process.... as no system created by man is ever going to be perfect.....

GSFowler- once again thanks, and apologies at Civil War quotes, guess got bit nostalgic as US Civil War beyond fascinating subject on so many issues beyond military operations......

To the point, do not know if anyone has seen latest issue DAV Magazine dated JAN/FEB 2019 and the article by Mary Dever titled "Legislative goals For The 116th Congress" however and may have missed it somehow, as not specified, but there is no mention of trying to update the US DVA Schedule of Rating of Disabilities, as discussed this thread, among all the other very worthy goals....

Is this an oversight on my part, hope not, and if not, then perhaps should be potentially added to listing of US Disabled America Veterans goals- as know this has been a long time controversy not only Disabled America Vets but other US Vet. Service Organizations as well..... for the 116th US Congress???

Thanks GSFowler and others......


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@usarmy68e I waited two weeks before contacting my PEBLO as I had my C&P exam done by an outside provider QTC, so it takes a little time for it to reach your PEBLO. I hope your C&P outcome was better than mine. lol. best of luck.

Any luck with the Chiropractor DBQ/Rom test? C&P Examinar jacked up my exam saying im 100% perfect body with perfect flexion/rom which I couldn't even bend that far. So im going to an outside civilian Chiropractor and ya pay out of pocket for them to do a DBQ because my PCM is a jack a-- and doesn't help anyone.


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I received my C&P exam results and I am floored....speechless at the ROM.... very disappointed at the retired LCDR (Navy) that is a QTC examiner that just decided to write down ROM percentages that were definitely not mine. Based on his ROM I will be getting 10%.

I'm actually angry at how he downplayed my conditions. Does the VA give him more money if he screws me over? It's ridiculous that we have to deal with this ontop of dealing with our medical issues. I'm tired, so tired of the games that the Navy and VA play.

I'm now going to just request a formal board and I will challenge them right to the end. They can pay me while I am doing it and get a free trip to Washington DC.

I had my ROM done the day before by my physical therapist for this very reason. It's a joke that this type of stuff happens.

My referred conditions are:

Spinal stenosis and cervical disc disorder with radiculopathy.

Not sure if the PEB will find my radiculopathy unfitting but based on my C&P DBQ I will be getting 20% for each arm. Which was completely down played too, I take 1800MG of Gabapentin a day to help alleviate my nerve pain and get through my day.

My timeline is:
21 Sep 2018 - referred, Peblo brief, MSC brief and lawyer phone call brief.
4 Oct 2018 - Commanders Letter
10 Oct 2018 - C&P exam
12 Oct 2018 - Personal Statement
22 OCT 2018 - MEB routing

PEBLO advised my case will be sent to PEB this week.

Any advice or input from veterans, Mr Perry, Chaplin Charlie, or anyone that has been through this process before would be very much appreciated.
I Read trough this thread, consider yourself lucky. I have those injuries from combat and was screwed over not given medical and my board canceled unlawfully behind my back. I was shot during an ambush (ricochet) and pushed on and had carried a double combat load plus weapons system from a team member who got injured prior to a raid a few days earlier.

Long story short, this isn't even touching my gripes. This is only the start. I've had to fight for everything and anything. Your not screwed, I was. At least your being rated and seen, evaluated and processed. Despite what anybody will tell you, nothing matters. I even had a VA re-exam after spinal surgery and the lady pushed me over with her hand and I screamed and started crying and she put my range down at the 20% rate. She screwed my back up. True story.

The fact that exams are not video recorded and monitored and unqualified (should I say barely qualified) to complete exams is corrupt in itself. In my case, I was screwed over so bad by my commander trying to cover-up my injuries that it followed me o the VA for interpreted fraudulent service medical notes that I was a malingerer. My gosh. I had a gunshot wound, a severely damaged spine and paralysis (in itself) from service and the VA employees were so dumb to go off that like military wordage is as solid as the holy book. The military command even hid my records, so no combat records, no medical in the entirety was even submitted to the VA and it made me look like they wanted it to.

I will tell you this. The examiner's who rate you, your best bet is to challenge the accuracy of the exam if you disagree. Getting a DBQ as in my experience the VA just tossed out, they can, and do have the authority to do that. You ask for a review and that the exam was inaccurate. My ratings are low-balled to the very least. I was never considered for my Gabapentin use as well and stopped taking it because it gave me issues with falling asleep.
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