SSDI Continuing Review


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Hello all. I posted before about this but just wanted to get some more opinions as I'm about to have a panic attack over this. I received the long form and have to fill it out and send it back to SS by 18 February. A little background, I medically retired from the Army in 2015 and have 100% from both DoD and VA P&T. I was awarded SSDI in March 2016. I have been in college for the most part of the last 3 years and am about to finish getting my associates degree. I've been using VA Voc Rehab all along because the benefits outweighed the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I'm just hoping that this isn't counterproductive and make me look like I'm seeking employment at this time. I start a bachelors program in fall 2019 semester so I've got another few years to try to get my shit together and hope that sometime after I graduate I can try to reenter the workforce in some capacity. Before I moved to Georgia, I had a good structured pattern of medical/medicinal management. However, once I came here, I just hated my experience at the VA trying to get a DR and gave up, I also haven't found a therapist in my area and just don't want to have to travel back and forth to the Atlanta area for good care. Before I got the SS letter my wife was on my case about getting back in therapy of some kind as well as medicine to help with BH issues, so I called the VA and have an appointment at the end of March, so I'm hoping that I mesh with whatever DR I see and get that taken care of as well. Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions for me? What has anyone else's experience been? Have any of you had to appeal a continuing review decision? I'm almost tempted to contact my therapist in SC and make a day trip just to touch base with her and get a 90 minute session so that it shows up that I've seen someone since August 2016, and taken medicine since August 2017. Again, any opinion or advice is appreciated.
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