Stellate Ganglion Block


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Minutes after the procedure Stellate Ganglion Block. A stellate ganglion block is an injection of local anesthetic (numbing medicine) toblock the sympathetic nerves located on either side of the voice box in the neck. An injection at these nerves may reduce symptoms such as pain, swelling, color, sweating changes in the upper extremity and may also improve mobility.

DAY 1: I received the Stellate Ganglion Block at 1445. The procedure took only 20 minutes.
1. You will get a local numbing shot.
2. After review of the anatomical landmarks in the triangle of the anterior portion of the medial area of the neck, this is to ensure they do not hit any your Jugular vein, Carotid Artery, or any of the nerves of the proximal end of the Brachial Plexus.
3. while you are watching the ultra sound the doctor will walk through what he is doing and tell you what is happening. You will hear them talk about aspiration, adding cc, and finally feel the numbing effects of the medicine as it is placed around the sympathetic trunk of the ganglion.

How does it feel....

You just finished a 25 mile forced ruck march. That moment when you take the ruck off, that feeling of euphoria, the relief as the blood flows through your shoulders. The moment you unlace your boots. Remember your first cold beer.......YUP!

The bad:
You will have a droopy eye for about a day
Voice will be raspy. Some get it and some do not
The side you had the injection on, your eye will be red and itchy

The second day is where the effects will be full force. Now, it does not work for everyone. By this i mean that the effects are not as pronounced, but you will feel a relief as your body calms down.

If you all have any questions please feel free to drop a line...

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