Supreme Court Opts Out


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According to reports, the U. S. Supreme Court has opted not to engage in a case which is attempting to challenge the First Amendment. The case involves a lawsuit brought against the archdiocese of a Roman Catholic Church who employed and oversaw a priest who was alleged to be a child molester. It has been reported that the plaintiff in the lawsuit claims he was sexually abused by the priest when he was a teenager and that the archdiocese had prior knowledge of the priests past history of child abuse. The victim accuses the archdiocese of failing to protect him by allowing the priest to hold a position where he had access to children and that they should have known that sexual abuse was probable.

Reportedly, the archdiocese countered by arguing that the First Amendment prohibits the state from regulating how a church goes about hiring and supervising the individuals within their organization. Allegedly, the archdiocese further claimed that a dismissal of the lawsuit was in order because the sexual abuse did not occur on church premises. It has been reported that the lawsuit was dismissed after the Missouri courts sided with the archdiocese and their decision will be upheld.

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