TDIU awarded today - My timeline


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Hey folks,

Big news today as I was just granted TDIU on my first attempt.

Applied - Sep 13
C&P Exams - Oct 3
Awarded - Oct 16

Cant believe how fast this went, BUT I did an incredible amount of reading beforehand and made sure that I had everything needed in my initial application packet. I am so grateful, and to pay it forward I will definately be making a thread on here in the near future detailing everything I did, which will hopefully help yall out with your applications.

As always, in the meantime if any of you are about to apply for TDIU and need help feel free to write on this thread or PM me.


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Good evening, congratulations on your approval, I would definitely like to know some info on what you did to get approved so fast. My timeline is as follows
Aug 19th submitted
Sept 3rd gathering of evidence
Oct 1st ptsd c&p
Oct 10th. C&p for everything else
Oct. 24th. Preparation for decision

I was even flagged for hardship due to homelessness so it does kinda make me wonder what's taking so long. Thank you
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