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Hey all,

I just got notified that I will be on TDRL 100%, VA 100% for brain cancer. I was hoping for PDRL since brain cancer doesn’t go into remission. I have zero desire to return to active duty and had a UQR approved before I found out about the cancer. I went through the MEB for the TRICARE benefits. The check isn’t an issue, but copays for specialty and medications are expensive.

I’m Army, 12 years of service. Any advice is appreciated.


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Hello @Jemontgomery86 ,

I am sorry to learn of your situation. You can continue to use the VA when you have TRICARE.

Although you mentioned you aren't concerned about the check, you can review the linked page below for information on CRSC:
A Supplement to CRSC Information | Physical Evaluation Board Forum ( <---LINK

CRSC could replace some or all of the waived retired pay you will experience. Your retired pay will be reduced dollar for dollar in the amount of VA compensation received.



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What are you wanting to accomplish? Have you signed acceptance of the TDRL ratings.
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