TDRL Initial Re-evaluation 30JAN21


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Good afternoon Everyone,

I was medically retired (TDRL) April 27th, 2020 out of JBLM, WA. From my understanding according to the U.S. Army HRC website stated "The U.S. Army Physical Disability (USAPDA) headquarters transferred its operations to Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX effective 1 July 2020". My DA Form 199 stated my re-examination will be during July 2021 and i did e-mail the distro of my address change because I'm in Florida now. Right and left flat foot (pes planus) with plantar fasciitis, status-post stress fracture (Revised MEB Dx 1, 2) is what put me in the MEB/PEB. Below are my questions and thank you in advance.

1. What's the process like with COVID-19 being around?
2. What's the nearest Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) near Hurlburt Field, FL?
3. Does anyone know what the re-evaluation is like for this injury?
4. Will i be on the TDRL for the full three years or what will put me on PDRL after my initial re-evaluation?


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2. Eglin AFB
4. They can return you to duty, continue TDRL up to the three year mark, or move your to PDRL at any eval.
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