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Hello everyone,

I recieved my results from the IPEB about a month ago. I was found unfit, transfer to TDRL, 50% VA / 30% DoD. In the information packet I recieved it specifically mentions "retirees on TDRL are entitled to a minimum of 50% of their base pay...if a member with less than 20 years active duty (I just hit 2 yrs) rated 30% or 40% disabled and is placed on TDRL, this person would receive as a minimum 50% base pay..." My med board office isn't answering their phones or returning emails so I pose this question: is the entitlement to 50% base pay while on TDRL in addition to the 50% disabililty compensation (~$986/month) I will recieve, is it one or the other, or will I only see the disability compensation for my VA ratings?

I appreciate any insight. Thank you.


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You will receive high TWO average base pay x 50% = retired pay (your case will be average base pay over two years rather than three)

Your retired pay will be reduced by the amount of VA compensation. You keep any left over pay

You will receive your VA compensation.

You are not eligible for CRDP.

If you believe you have combat related disabilities, check out the CRSC page under RESOURCES.

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