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In summer of 2013 I was taken off of TDRL and permanently retired. I’m 100% VA disabled, so I haven’t had much of a reason to ever really look over my retirement paperwork. Big screw up on my part, obviously.
As you can see in my attached pictures there are some inaccuracies between the two documents. the AF Form 356, box 10. A, D & E are all marked yes, & rightfully so.
Now skip over to the next document that is dated one month later, it says “NO” to disability received in line of duty during period of war.

My questions...
Shouldn’t these documents match up?

& also while I was on TDRL I used a portion of my Chapter 33 GI Bill. At the time they only awarded me 70% pay.
It says online that you get 100% if discharged/retired due to service connected disability. My DD214 says honorable
disability, temporary
I’d like to know what everyone else’s experience with TDRL DD214 & Gi bill has been.


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You dont get an updated DD 214 so the TDRL is the last one you get.

The documents actually match with minor language changes for document 1 box E is a NO not a YES its NO on the other document as well.

The first document uses "OR" language where the second uses "AND" language meaning you must meet both to be a YES

1st Document for D it says in time of war OR national emergency OR after 1978

2nd Document it states direct result of armed conflict OR instrumentality of war AND incurred during a period of war thats no so the two actually match. You need contingency orders or hazardous duty orders for that to be a yes.

Are you collecting CRSC? are your disabilities with the VA combat-related?
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