TDRL Psychiatry re-evaluation only? what to do?


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On TDRL now, was put on in June. Had my VA exams last fall while being med-boarded. It says on my PEB findings that the only clinic that requires a re-eval is psychiatry. Have moved twice since I got out, by necessity the first time, by choice the second time. I still can't get settled. What can I expect for the re-eval if the only thing keeping me on TDRL is psychiatry? I was found unfit for other conditions, mostly physical, but am not sure what to do about this. How should I prepare for it? Should I contact the VA and set up another psychiatric examination before I anticipate the TDRL examination is coming up, or are they one in the same?

I've been getting medication continuously mostly, but have only gone to a few appointments because its hard for me to find the kind of doctors I require, and most appointments are months out. I hate going to the VA hospital just makes me more depressed and miserable, is there an easier way to get appointments when you're on TDRL? What do you guys who are on TDRL prefer, VA or regular doctors?

I can't transition out of this life if I'm being forced to do something like this. They don't tell you jack about being on the TDRL. I want to get off the TDRL as fast as possible and just be done with this bureaucratic waiting-game nonsense, not how I want to live my life. What can I do to get a permanent decision done faster?


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You won't be up for re-eval until around 18 months. Its not set in stone but you generally won't be on their radar for a while longer.

I prefer going to the local MTF at the base close to my house. Like you, I don't particularly enjoy going to the VA clinic and while I can, I will go on base and keep a spot open at the VA for someone else.

The VA is good for getting your medicine set up through the mail but each person has preferences and every VA clinic/Hospital and MTF differ by location.


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I think it is largely based on fit. Find a provider you connect with and stay with him/her.
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