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TDRL Question


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Hey everyone,

Just received my DA 199. 100% on the DA199, and currently proposed VA 100%.

My question is in relation to receiving PDRL. I was expecting to be placed on PDRL due my conditions and conversations with legal. Going through the MEB due to a heart surgery (Mechanical Valve Replacement x2 was med boarding condition).

From the DA199: "The PEB recommends placement on TDRL because at least one unfitting compensable condition is unstable. You will retain the rating for each unfitting, stable condition."

I should know the differences between TDRL and PDRL specifically better, but I am unsure if I should attempt to make an effort to get re-evaluated for PDRL. My unfitting heart condition is not going to be getting better, since my heart valves have already been replaced.


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Does your NARSUM back this up or the C&P exam? Otherwise expect the TDRL.