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TDRL wait...


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In 2010 I was placed on TDRL by the USAF for asthma with a 30% rating. In 2012 I had a medical eval. I was required to travel across the country to attend this eval, with less than 30 days notice (and a baby under a year old). (It was either take the appointment, or postpone it indefinitely and hope all worked out. I took the appointment). It ate up four days of my time, two for travel, two for appointments. I had two appointments each day that took about two to three hours total (most of that time spent in the waiting rooms). Both docs I saw did the same tests, asked a bunch of questions, reviewed my medical records etc. They also suggested I stay out of desert locations, including the southwest, since my allergies to whatever is in that sort of environment makes my asthma flare up terribly.

Got a letter in the mail about two months after that Medical appointment stating that my condition had stabilised, and that the PEB had reviewed my case and was recommending permanent retirement.

I inquired as to when the switch to permanent retirement was supposed to happen, and was basically told "don't call us, we'll contact you".

Now it's 2015, and I've still heard nothing. I fear if I continue to wait, the powers that be will simply drop me off the TDLR list, and I will lose my benefits. The rules seem to indicate that this is a possibility if no formal determination is enacted before the time expires. IF I am dropped from the list I have no recourse based on what I've read. WHat, if anything, can I do to prevent being dropped from the list and actually get moved to PDRL like I should have been based on the recommendations given? I am aware of the 18 month eval requirement. I also know that they were running behind to the tune of 6-12 months as of my LAST med eval. I can only imagine this has gotten worse over time....

Note I did locate a contact email on the recommendation letter, and have sent an email requesting information/update on the status of TDRL to PDRL. What ELSE can I do?

Thank you for your assistance, folks.