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TDRL with some pat discrepancies


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Hello all,

I was finally placed on TDRL as of January of this year and separated. For info, I was in for 7 years and got out at E6 from the Navy. Everything seemed to be moving a-ok, and finally started receiving my disability from the VA at 90%. I recently received a letter from dfas detailing the establishment of a retirement account and noticed that it stated that I would be paying towards SBP. I never elected for SBP as I was not eligible due to being single. I also just received an email about this month's eRAS being up from dfas. I go to check it out and what do you know, it says that I am on the second payment of the 360 payments towards SBP. On top of this, it states that I am due my monthly payment. This payment is being completely taxed and does not factor in disability, and I vaguely remember receiving ~$2000 from dfas on top of my disability compensation.

Am I being paranoid or is this botched to hell?