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Temp profile extension


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I need guidance... I am currently being treated by a pain management specialist for a fissure (disc tear) at the L5 S1. I have had a series of three steroid jnjections and have to wait 3 months for another series of injections. My injury is listed as severe on my 90 day profile and I am extremely limited on any activity I can do du ring frill weekends. My civilian doctor suggested an extension of my profile. I was informed all profiles are now only extended by 30 days. I asked what I was to do for my next extension as I can't not receive more injection over the next 30 days. My case work says she has never heard of a waiting period in between injections and does not seem to be on my side. What am iI to do if my next profile is not extended. I cannot work a civilian job due to my excessive amount of pain let alone do normal drill activity. I need to show continued care and can't have more injections for 3 more months. My doctor advises no physical therapy until the fissure has closed. What can I do to protect myself from further injury if they do not extend my profile. Thank you for any responses. The army national guard seems the think I am lying, but my MRI speaks the truth about my injury