Terminal leave denied


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Anyone heard of terminal leave being denied and being told to sell back leave?
Unfortunately, yes; this particular situation can indeed occur! Hmm, did you receive a military disability separation or a military disability retirement assuming you were a participant within the DoD IDES process?

Moreover, while in the DoD IDES process, all military accrued leave over 60 days must be sold (up to 60 days in a military career) back to the USG in order to meet the 90-day maximum limit (e.g., 60-days leave + 20-days PTDY + 10-days unit/post/installation clearing activity) for military transition to the civilian community as a military veteran.

Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer."

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Yes, I have heard of this happening to people who were getting a medical discharge or retirement. All this means is that your commander is a jerk and not looking out for your best interests.


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Thanks for the info. His orders are for dec 10 and he has 63 days leave and being med retired. What is PTDY +10? Thx!


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I believe PTDY is permissive temporary duty and the 10 days is regular temporary duty to give you time to out-process (neither are charged against your leave days).
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