Terminal leave start date question


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Are you required to start terminal leave within 30 days of hitting the NRR list even if you won't have enough time to outprocess before your leave starts?

20 days after hitting the NRR list they rejected my original leave form because it was not within 30 days of NRR, now they want me to sign a leave form that starts in 10 days, does this sound right?


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You are not required to take terminal, but its a financial decision that the government wins if you sell it back. You can only sell leave once in a career, and second you only receive base pay (no BAH/BAS etc) at the rate of 1/30th times the number of days you sell. Plus you you get no more than 75% of that number after taxes.

If you make $3000 a month in base pay and sell 10 days of leave then the math would be:
3000 x 10/30 = $999 x 75% = $749 after taxes to the member ....

In any I case, in my opinion I would rather be home getting paid the full rate on leave than working until my last day to get a bonus check of a couple thousand dollars.


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Rule about leave after a PEB vary by service. The AF let me pick a date. Other services are more intense about the process. Check you service regulations.
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