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just got a call they denied my packet for an appeal for a formal board. But I still have migraines. Will I pass sea screening?? I have 9 months on my contract left. What do I do????? Help please


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Only you will know if you can pass your sea screening.

Make sure you start a migraine log today, and start annotating the specific symptoms (aura, light sensitive, sound sensitive, nausea, vomiting, etc)

If you take meds, write down the meds, time take, dose taken, etc.


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Look at the CFR
8100 Migraine:
With very frequent completely prostrating and prolonged attacks productive of severe economic inadaptability 50
With characteristic prostrating attacks occurring on an average once a month over last several months 30
With characteristic prostrating attacks averaging one in 2 months over last several months 10
With less frequent attacks

When you write a migraine journal:
When did it start, date and time
When was it better, date and time
Was the migraine "completely prostrating" or "prostrating"?
What did you take for the migraine?
Did you miss work?
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