Time to welcome a new Moderator to the Team- Bjenk!

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max1200.jpgIt has been a great pleasure to share knowledge and to have a place for folks to share their experiences with others. But, honestly, most of the heavy lifting and guidance comes from those who post, come back, offer guidance and continue to serve their brothers and sisters in arms. This forum's real secret sauce and lifeblood is the community and the moderators who volunteer to share their input. So, I am very happy to welcome another Moderator to the team- bjenk!He is a retired Army LTC who served as a Field Artillery Officer (13A). Good judgment, great service, and a desire to help are the hallmarks of who we need on our team and he fits the bill perfectly.

Please join me in welcoming @bjenk to the Team!
Hello @bjenk ,

Glad to have you as a member of our team.

I want to thank you both and the rest of the PEB Forum family. I have learned so much from everyone on this site. I will continue to give Service members, Veterans, and dependents the best advice to achieve maximum results. Thank you all for your service!