Timeline coming soon...


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I just wanted to post on here because there is not much activity going on the Coast Guard side of the house here. I will post my timeline when I get my findings back which should be soon. I know there has to be others in the middle of the MEB right now, so how about we get a little conversations going on here! Here's a question, I know if someone gets medically retired they get an extra 20 days of leave, but what about medically separated with a severance I heard there is an extra 10 days, is that true? Hope to hear from all of yall!


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Hey Mossberg, it does seem a little bit of a ghost town for the Coasties here. I haven't gotten to the terminal leave stage of consideration yet lol but I'm going through the process too, my packet was just officially accepted for review at PSC. Just wanted to give a shout out to you. Any word on your findings? Good luck to you


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I am Coast Guard and was discharged in 1983. I have a 90% service connected disability, have been on appeal now for years with no action. I spoke to the DAV and was told they have seen an appeal take as long as 9 years! But said they are now averaging 2 to 3 years. Mine is close to 3 years now with no action that I can see. The regional office has it and has for about 2 years. I get letters periodically from them saying they know it is there and hope to get to it soon.
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