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Timeline Order - Navy

Can someone please lay out the timeline, in order.. I am under the assumption that it goes like this:

referred to med board
meet peblo
create list of claimed conditions with VA rep
have VA exams of all conditions
CO does NMA
go over NARSUM (can do rebuttal or IMR)

*here is where I get confused*

sign NARSUM & send case to ipeb
DOD looks over case and decides fit / unfit
- if found fit - case never goes to VA for rating & you are returned to duty (or can fight the case by asking for formal peb)
- if found unfit - case is then sent to VA rater to rate all conditions (referred and claimed) - this only happens if you are found unfit?
- case is sent back to DOD for them to assign the referred ratings to your referred conditions
- case is then sent back to your PEBLO and you are called in to see your ratings for both DOD and VA
- you can accept or push for VA reconsideration or for a formal board - or you can accept your ratings and await your separation/retirement date

Can anyone add to this or tell me if I am missing anything? I figured this would be helpful to people in the future as I have not found a complete list of the order online.


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seems like its about right. once you sign your NARSUM its a lot of waiting, and there are like 7 different stages where you can rebuttal not just once your ratings come in. I highly recommend looking at the 38CFR in conjunction with your claimed conditions, and it is also helpful to look up the DBQ for the same so you know how to explain the conditions with what they are looking for and not a lot of unnecessary information. This will also help you formulate an "educated" idea of what your ratings will look like, so your not completely in the dark. I keep redoing this with my NARSUM incase I need to rebuttal.