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How soon after you received findings from your Peblo , and signed paperwork, did you have your separation date? Asking specifically about USN


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If your PEBLO sends your acceptance of findings back to the PEB relatively quickly, the PEB will process this and it'll send a notice of sorts to PERS who will then cut your orders. It should be around roughly 2-4 weeks.

If you have a job or a move lined up immediately after discharge, calling PERS and explaining your situation will allow them to cut your orders far more quickly, possibly even that day, but you must have a valid reason. And remember, they do pay you to move back to your home of record (PCS).

PSD can continue to update you on this. I do know they will most likely allow you to begin terminal leave as soon as your are in receipt of soft copy orders. You will receive and sign your DD Form 214 prior to your actual official discharge (this may be around the time you take terminal leave or decide to sell leave back) and you will recieve your Retired ID (if placed on TDRL/PDRL) either around this time or near towards the end of your terminal leave.

If you decide to sell leave back, you must annotate this with PSD/PERS also.
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