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Not fit for duty due to line of duty injury since FEB 2009
Initial Med Board submitted MAY 2010
Disposition Med Board submitted OCT 2011
Still awaiting findings/adjudication as of JUL 2012
I hope others' cases take less time than mine, for their sakes. It has been a long road.


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I am so FRUSTRATED with my medboard!! Mine was sent up to DC or whatever other 'mystical' place that these things go to right at a year ago! I was told that I 'should' hear back around the beginning of July. When I asked I was told that it may be up to another 6-8 months, FML! So, now my family and I are in limbo, on standby until we hear something. If I appeal it then that timframe gets completely blown out of the water and I'll be do to rotate.

I know they've got alot of these and their doing their job, but when rotation dates come and go it is really frustrating. I know my 11 year career as an MK is finished. I need closure and I need to move on within a reasonable amount of time.

rant off...

feel free to PM me with any questions or to vent.


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Hahaha wow...are you serious? :mad: I don't understand the Coast Guard and I don't care if they have one office. They should be like the other branches and have more than one office. Other branches get their results in 2 weeks to 3 months from what I read in many postings. Reading about everyone that is still waiting after a while is definitely frustrating to me also because I am going through the same thing.

You're right, people got a life and things to move on too. Waiting for a decision that can affect your career without much information is just a waste of time. I couldn't rotate because of my medical board. I can't even do my job as an ME because they got me on no LE duties.

My EAS is in January so I am hoping I can get my results before my contract is up.

I hear your frustration bro. People say to be patient but it's definitely not that easy..

How many medical problems did they listed on your medical board package?


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That's probably one of the reason why it's taking forever but it shouldn't be that way...
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