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I am facing separation for PT failure and am a non-probationary army officer. Since I am non-probationary, I have the option of going through a board of inquiry and board of review process. I have no real intentions to fight or argue the facts as I have actually been trying to submit my UQR for some time now, the command simply has not signed it. Now I am flagged and the UQR I had submitted is no good.
My question is how long does the process take if I go through the entire board process? I am trying to begin terminal leave mid December of this year so I can begin my new job and my son can start a new school after the new year.
I am also willing to submit a UQR in lieu of separation, but do not know the typical timeframe for that action.
Any advice on how to proceed in order to do what is best for me and my family and leave the army at a time somewhat of my choosing?
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