Total meniscectomy, what can I do?


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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum. Thanks all the experience sharing.

I injured my left knee during one training. ACL completely ruptured and medial meniscus complex fractured. The doc fixed my ACL but couldn't fix the meniscus, so I ended up with 90% (if not more) of my medial meniscus been removed. Right now I am in the 10th weeks after surgery, my movement is very limited, I can't go upstairs, can't stand more than 5 mins, can't squat, absolutely can't run...I know it is still too early in the rehab process, but I can feel the small possibility of getting back to where I was. I was very physical active, 300 pt.

So I am curious what can I get after my physical therapy? Can I get meniscus transplant? If not, can I request med board? Because I still want to give a shot to my knee (stem cell or transplant, if I don't get it from the army). However, if I wait to the point that I lose too much cartilage, which is very much possible without meniscus, I can't do anything other than knee replacement...

Thanks for reading my depressed story...I appreciate every suggestion.


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It's a bit early to start thinking about a MEB. Stay focused on your physical therapy. You may never be the same as before surgery, but you can most certainly try your hardest to have a successful rehabilitation.
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