Transfer of Post 911 GI benefits Prior to TRDL medical retirement


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Hi all

I recently received notification that I am being medically retired 70% (service connected/unfitting) into the TDRL effective 27 June 15. I have a total 24 yrs LOS. 5 yrs. active AF and 19 yrs. in the Air Guard. Being I recently got my retirement orders am I still able to to transfer my post 911 GI Bill benefits to my defendants. I asked both my Va Rep and my Peblo and they said that it needs to be handled on the military end. I asked my Unit Education Counselor about it, and I was told that it couldn't be done. I'm not really sure if that's correct. I suspect the individual is either upset with the fact that I'm being medically retired with benefits or it's just down right laziness to help out somone who is on he way out the door. I've been looking on several posts and seem to be coming up with answers. Any help would be appreciated.


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Did you find out? I'd like to know.


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For the Army, yes you can transfer your benefits. I just went through the process and got approved in a couple of days.
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