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TRICare Benefits Costs 345% Higher?


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Well, medications/copays at my pharmacy in "civilian land" have already gone up. Last December, and as an AD remote care SM, I paid out-of-pocket about 25.00 for my monthly meds. In January, those same meds cost me almost 100.00. Last month, in February, I paid 151.00 for meds.

Gee. I can't wait to retire on PDRL - a fixed income with rising med RX costs, insurance premium monthly charges, and deductibles, too!

What's the point of having health care when the costs to participate in these programs are going to outstrip all my COLA and leave me deeply in a negative colomn from my take-home pay?

Like that one Florida Congressman said a couple of years ago, "If you get sick - die quickly."

This is one more reason why so many retired Americans live overseas many months of the year. Health care costs are lower in most countries than in ours.

Maybe we should see what and how the rest of the modern world works their health care systems. Might learn something.