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By what I researched, your premium should be $121.80 this is based upon the rates for 2016. If you have Tricare for Retirees, you must contact them ASAP and get yourself enrolled in Tricare for Life and you family put back on prime if that is your choice.

I had a lapse in Tricare coverage for a month because I missed the Part B enrollment and it cost me something like $400 for visits that were not covered.
Yep, got Part B. They actually had me enrolled in Part B by default and I would have had to write them if I didn't want to have Part B. Everything in DEERS seems to match up, as well (Tricare plus Medicare Part B).

Checked out Medicare's website. It appears, your amount didn't go up because there wasn't a cost of living increase. Not sure if it will go up if a cost of living increase occurs in the future, or not. Assuming it will...

You have to click on Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)