Trying to get boarded for hep b, liver problems


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hello all, currently I am active duty 11B with chronic hep B, just over a year ago the hep B became active and i was put in the hospital with a high virus load and liver enzyme count, I have been hospitalized about 4 times through this past year due to the same problem of the viral load and liver enzyme levels are high.

I had a liver biopsy done and was told I have stage 2 fibrosis of the liver. During my admissions to the hospital they were talking of possibly needing a transplant multiple times. Last time I was hospitaized was in January this year.

Now ever since this has put me in the hospital as of April last year I have major fatigue and nausea and abdominal discomfort everyday, infectious disease doctor does not think i need to be medboarded and I have an appt to see GI on the 28th. But last time i saw GI in sept/october 2016 he also said he doesnt believe i need to be boarded.

is all this enough to get me medboarded? I dont want to get out but i would like to reclass possibly, ive been in almost 10 years and i just cant continue as an infantryman, but i feel like the specialists are not willing to help me, what should i do? My PCM told me to request an MRDP from either them, is that something they have to give or can they say no? And what are my possible other options?

Thanks in advance i know its a long read and its not even every detail.
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