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Hello All,

Need some advice if anyone else has experienced this. I was wounded on 26 July 2006, IED Blast in which I took a big chuck of shrapnel to the head. Thankfully didn't penetrate my skull (peppered all over but didn't pop my head open). In January 2007, started to notice hazy spot in my left eye, short story is now I have less than 20 degrees of field of vision in that eye and I also suffered more than 80 decible loss in my left eye from the blast. After too many years of just sucking it up (yes I am a dumbass) I was finally sent to a WTU in May 2011, which the FIRST time I ever heard of TSGLI. I meet the requirements for vision loss and hearing, filed a claim. Just got the denial back because I didn't file within the 730 day period of the date I was wounded. Even though I submitted medical documents that I was being treated for these qualifying losses beginning in Jan '07, I never heard of TSGLI until I was sent (pretty much against my will) last May. Any one out there have had a similar experience? Are there any exceptions to policy that I can base my appeal on? Right now it feels like I would just be wasting my time to try to appeal this decision. Everything i had read about TSGLI, I cannot seem to find an answer to fit my situation. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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It's my understanding that there is no statute of limitations on when you can apply for TSGLI. We submitted our application last month for a combat injury from 2002. The procedures guide specifically allows any claim as long as it meets the loss criteria and was sustained anytime after October 7, 2001 when combat operations began in Afghanistan. Your claim should not be denied for those reasons.


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I have similar issue, but yours does seem a little different. I had surgery 954 days after my initial injury, rendering me ineligible for TSGLI. However, the reason for the lost time, in my case, was due to a deployment to Afghanistan - so I am hoping for a waiver. My injury occurred Aug 08; I was readying for deployment and didn't want to jeopardize said deployment; and deployed from Jan - May 2009; PCS'd Aug 09. I am hoping to have the pre-deployment and deployment time waived, which would put me well inside the 2 year (730 day) window. Do you have any reason for taking so long to be seen? Ideally another deployment...that you can justify your taking so long? In my case I started the PT, X-rays, MRI's and Ortho consults as soon as I arrived at next duty station so I am hoping it will do. Otherwise, I think I am out of luck. Also, find the TRAUMATIC INJURY SERVICEMEMBERS’ GROUP LIFE INSURANCE (TSGLI) IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE AND APPEALS PROCESS instruction for your service and read it. It describes the Appeals Process and how you should go about it. Hope this helps...
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